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How to Create Snapchat Ads: Step By Step Guide

More than 70% Gen Z millennials are on Snapchat and if your audience is that, then Snapchat can offer more to you.

Wondering how to start on Snapchat Ads? This Step by Step Guide will get you started on Snapchat Ads.

Snapchat is a relatively new advertising platform and many marketers are still testing and improving their tactics to improve performance on this marketing platform. -

If you have a younger demographic then Snapchat is a great solution. It is said that around 90% of the Americans aged between 12-24 use Snapchat on daily basis. This is very targeted audience if your product/service advertises to young audience.

This guide will walk you through the most basic steps of creating a Snapchat Ads.

Setting up the Snapchat Ad for your business

Before we dive into anything, you will need an Ad account, if you don't have an account yet, register or login to Snapchat's Ad Manager

Step 1 - Set up Snap Pixel

First thing first we need to have pixel of the platform so we can track the analytics which we will get with running ads on the platform. Now follow the steps to get the pixel for your website.

  • Once you login to your ad account, you will see a dashboard now in the top navigation, select the “Snap Pixel” option under “Manage”.
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 1
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 1
  • Select “Create a Snap Pixel” as shown in below image. This will trigger a pop up that includes the pixel’s code.
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 1 1
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 1 1
  • Now select “OK".
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 1 2
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 1 2
  • Copy the pixel’s code found in the pop up, and add it to your website’s header tag. The code used throughout images in this article are examples of a specific implementation and will not work for other purposes.
Set Up My Snap Pixel Code
Set Up My Snap Pixel Code

Step 2 - Making Sure that your Pixel is installed.

Step 3 - Follow this Step By Step Guide for Snapchat Ads

Now it's time to create ad, to start make sure you are on the landing page to create ads, if not go to navigation in top left and select "Create Ads" under "Create".

Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3


The main objectives for Snapchat are:


  • Branding: increase awareness for your brand


  • App Installs: increase the number of app installs
  • App Traffic: bring more people to use your app
  • Website Traffic: increase the traffic to your site or a specific page
  • Engagement: boost your engagement
  • Video Views: increase the number of people who watch your video
  • Lead Generation: find new leads for your business


  • App Conversions: track conversions and app installs
  • Website Conversions: track the number of people who complete a specific action to your site
  • Catalog Sales: track the number of sales for your products

Your objectives depend on your wider marketing goals and how you want to meet them.

For example we want to achieve conversions here for making more sales to our website, so we will be selecting conversions.

Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 1
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 1

Campaign Setup

  1. Time to give our campaign a name so let's give a name.
  2. If you want to automatically run the camapgin then keep the status ON otherwise you can turn off if you wnat to run the campaign manually at later date.
  3. If you are interested in creating test for your ads then turn on Creative Split Test, this will open up many fields to create variation but for simplicity we are keeping it short and letting it stay off.
  4. Now You want to run ads on a later date then give a date or leave it as it is.
  5. If you are running ads on specific timeline and want to close the campaign at certain date then add the date there.
  6. If you want to limit your daily ad spent on this campaign then write the daily limit there.
  7. If you want to run this campaign on a budget then input the total campaign budget , the campaign will stop once the ad budget is met.
  8. Now onward to next section, Click Next.
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 1
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 1

Ad Set Details

Now it's time to build our ad-sets, it's the second level of creating a campaign.
Here will go in detail to each section this step has, in this first section

  1. Write Ad Set Name, It's like grouping your products as a collection so keep it relevant. Change later if you find something appropriate.
  2. Make sure that Snap Pixel is attached, in any case we want to record the data to our pixel.
  3. Now select the Ad Format which you want to use for creating ads.
  4. Now Scroll to Next Section
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 2
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 2


Locations is another major area to consider, select only the desired locations you want to run your ads, only selecting targeted audience results in reduced unnecessary ad spent. Now scroll down to next section.

Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 3
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 3


  1. Select the Age your Audience consist of, depending on your product/service the audience's age vary.
  2. Depending on your product/service select if the target audience is Male or Female or Both.
  3. Select What languages your audience speaks, if targeting regional location then regional language is also preferred for maximum performance.
  4. Do you know what is the demographic is of your audience, select that here.
  5. If your product/service require age restriction then this is a mandatory step otherwise your adswill be rejected.
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 4
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 4


  1. Select your Audiences, This will help you narrow your target audience saving your money and useless traffic.
  2. If your budget allows then you can test with expanded audience this will help deliver your ads to more related audience.
  3. Under Devices Section, Select Your OS which your want the ad to be delivered, this helps with specific product in case of an app install which is specific to some OS. You can leave it as "All" in General.
  4. This field makes sense if you are using Specific OS then Select your desired choice.Generally we don't need it.
  5. Connection type is another good thing that we can make good use of, by selecting WiFi we can target audience on fast network, but it limits our audience, but if you have a phone specific product/app install then WiFi is not recommended. Generally leave it to "All".
  6. Carriers helps if you are promoting a specific brand/product which is related to the selected carrier, it helps with branding too. But generally we don't need it so we leave it blank.
  7. Onward to next step in "Delivery",the very first option is same as we have previously discussed, status of the Ad Set, if you wish to run the ad manually then switch it off otherwise leave it on.
  8. As said, Just set your budget for the specific Ad Set, this relate to step 9
  9. Choose if you want your ad budget to be daily or lifetime. then set the budget in step 8.
  10. Set the Specific start time of the Ad set, if you wish to run ad on specific date then otherwise no date is necessary.
  11. Same as before if your ad is specific and relies on ending on a specific date then fill that date.
  12. You have to Set your Goal here, Most probably we will fill Pixel related events as per your objective.
  13. Best case scenario leave it as it is to auto-bid, but if you know what you are doing and have done the research then you can try to change the bid as per your need.
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 5
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 5

Design Your Ad

This is your last section of the Campaign which gives your ad a visual feel, i know it took a lot to create the ads, so without taking your more time, let's dive into it.

All the steps are as follows in Image below, so keep at it.

  1. You know this already , just write some awesome name for your Ad this will help you identify from multiple ads in your ad manager.
  2. You want to show your brand to everyone, letting them know which brand this ad relate with, so Put your Brand name there.
  3. Make and Attractive headline for your ad, you want to take advantage of every little possible way to convert end user. So put something Amazing relating your brand/product.
  4. You can select if you want your audience to share this ad with their audience or friends or family. I keep it on since who doesn't like people to share their brand which could end up driving more sales.
  5. Here you have 3 option for your creatives, If you have your creative ready then Select "Upload" and upload to Snapchat, If you don't have the creative then you can Create within Snapchat ad manager, here you select "Create" to do so. Next option is "Browse" which sets you choose from previous uploaded creatives.
  6. You want people to take action and call to action plays an important role, so select the call to action which relate to your objective/goal and is related to your advertisement. You can't say "Install Now" to product you are selling which can be "Shop Now".
  7. You want your audience to take action and redirect to related place, so put your product URL in "Website URL" section.
  8. If you want to know where your audience is coming from then URL tagging is a good option, and it's better that Snapchat has builtin generator, just select and input your desired tags and generate a tracking link which will replace automatically in step 7.
  9. Autofill Option helps if you want your audience to fill out some kind of forms, this feature will auto-fill stored data to minimize their effort. But in our case we don't need it so we keep it off.
  10. Preload option helps to load your website in background while the ad is running so minimize the load time on website once the action is taken.
  11. Click Next and Review your Ad and Publish.
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 6
Creating Snapchat Ads Step 3 2 6

That's it now that you have created your ad give yourself a pat on the back that you are done. Now select Next which will take you to review your ad, take time to analyze what you did and what needs to be done, you an take look if you made nay mistake and waif you want to redo anything, like change the title then just edit the ad and go to that section and edit as per your need.

Once all the review is done, click Publish, that will publish your Ad and now you have to just wait for the ad to be approved, normally it takes few hours but considering timezone and their review time it could also take couple days. But no more then 3 days.

Now all you have to do is turn On the ad if selected to do manually otherwise it must be automatically running on Snapchat. And take some time to analyze and optimize if needed. Create Variations to play around and test what works best for you.

Tips to Consider While Creating Snapchat Ads

What Conditions have you met to creating a Snapchat ads? We use some basic understanding while creating ads.

  • Think About Your Audience
    • Millennial and Gen Z love Snapchat.
    • Users aged between 18-24 account for 78% of all U.S. Snapchatters.
  • Be Clear And Concise
    • Snapchat is a visual platform, so you have to create ad which stands out of rest of the content.
  • A/B Test Everything for great Ad
    • Your end goal is to obtain the objective so test out what works best with you by testing everything.
  • Great Call to Action
    • As already said before your call to action encourages viewers to take action, so keep it relevant
  • Always Optimize Your Ads
    • You want the ads to perform well , so you will have to optimize your ads and make changes as necessary.
    • Gather data to backup the optimization and get better results.
    • A/B Testing plays important role in optimizing your ads.

Now it's time to create your own ads, i hope you all get an understanding of creating Snapchat ads.

Let me know in comments how are you using Snapchat ads to improve your business.

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