This article has been redone for the updated interface of Facebook in 2020.

Sometimes all we need is just a quick start guide to manage facebook ads for anything. And with that in mind here i present a facebook ads guide to create & manage facebook ads. This guide is mostly beneficial for someone who has no knowledge of Facebook ads account.

This guide will be based upon a fairly new Facebook Ads account so you can follow the steps from scratch. So if you're just barely brand new getting started,I'll show you how to use facebook pixel, how to actually get that set up on your website, how to create facebook audiences & more, literally everything A to Z for a beginner. So you can start running some successful Facebook Ads and generate leads make sales, whatever your goal is with your business.

So with that said, I know you just want to get down to it. So let's jump into this enough of the intro and I want to show, exactly how to get all this setup inside of the Facebook Ads manager.

Facebook Ads Guide for a quick start

We will now go in quick brief to getting started with advertising your business on Facebook.

Step 1 – Create a Facebook Account if not already have one.

Skip if you already have an account, if not then Visit to Facebook main page and create an account there. This account will let you create ads and let’s you manage your ads & business on Facebook.

Step 2 – Create a Basic Facebook Business Page if not already have one.

Facebook Ads Manager Step 2 - Creating Facebook Business Page
Facebook Ads Guide – Create or connect a Page

Skip if you already have an account, if not then Visit to Facebook.com and select + button on top right and select Page . This will let you create a page for your business, set it however you want and come back to step 4 once you have setup the page, for beginners to setup page go down to step 3.

Step 3 - Preparing Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook Page Creation Step 3.1 - Create Your Page
Create Facebook Page For Your Business

Now that you have created your business page then make sure to give some time to correctly setting up your page.

Facebook Page Creation Step 3.2 - Complete Your Page Profile
Setup Your Facebook Page
Facebook Page Creation Step 3.3 - Edit Facebook Page Information
Edit Your Page Information

Now you can make a post to start engaging with community.

Step 4 - Create Facebook Business Manager Account

Facebook Ads Manager Step 4 - Create Facebook Business Manager Account
Create Facebook Business Manager Account

Now you might be wondering how to set up facebook business manager, worry not just follow the steps below.

Start by going to this link here https://business.facebook.com/create/
you can create a new business from this page which will let you manage your business on facebook & also manage facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Manager Step 4.1 - Fill Business Details
Create Facebook Business Manager Account

Enter the Required Details and Continue to Next Step.

Set up Facebook Pixel

Facebook Ads Guide Step 4 - Install Facebook Pixel
Go to events manager to install facebook pixel

Now you might be wondering how to use facebook pixel? Well follow our easy steps which are laid out to you below.

Step 4.2 - Install Facebook Pixel
Select Data Sources to generate facebook pixel
Step 4.3 - Install Facebook Pixel
Facebook Ads Manager Step 4.3

On the next step you will have to select Facebook Pixel option since that’s what we want, then proceed to connect.

Step 4.4 - Install Facebook Pixel
Facebook Ads Manager Step 4.4

After that a new window will popup where you will have to name your pixel, mostly the pixel is named after their respective domain names but you can name it whatever you like. Also insert your domain name as it will ease the integration for Facebook pixel with your platform as it will reduce a few steps.

Step 4.5 - Install Facebook Pixel
Name Your Facebook Pixel for Easy Understanding

Once you add details then next option will be to install Facebook pixel to your website, using a partner integration is recommended since this will guide you to install pixel on your website.

Step 4.6 - Install Facebook Pixel
Use partner Integration for Facebook Pixel

You can use Facebook pixel for WordPress using the plugin given by Facebook or through plugin repository, search "Facebook Pixel" and insert connect Facebook pixel.

And if your cms is shopify then it's easy to integrate facebook pixel to shopify, just copy the pixel id and navigate to shopify theme settings and find the facebook pixel field and paste the code there and save.

Step 4.7 - Install Facebook Pixel
Select your platform.

And then follow the steps provided by Facebook to complete the integration.

Step 5 – Creating Facebook Ad Account

Facebook Ads Guide Step 5.1 - Create Ad Account
Select Ads Manager to create Ad Account
  1. Toggle the Hamburger on top left.
  2. Open the Drop-down on Accounts
  3. Select the option “Ad Accounts”
  4. On main screen select the Add option as shown in image above
  5. Select Add an Ad Account, this will create an ad account for you fill all required details.

Step 6 – Create a Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.1 - Create Facebook Ads Campaign
Create Ad campaign

Once you open facebook ads manager you will see something like this in your screen, this is the main dashboard that you will be working on mostly to run ads through Facebook for your business.

Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.2 - Create Facebook Ad
Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.2 - Create Facebook Ad

Our Main goal here is to get conversions through ads, so select conversions as the objective of this campaign and continue to next step.

Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.3 - Create Facebook Campaign
Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.3 - Create Facebook Campaign
Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.4 - Create Ad Set
Create Ad Set
Facebook Ads Guide Step 6.5
Fill Details for Your Facebook Ad
Facebook Ads Manager Step 6.6 - Create Creative Ad
Create Ad Creative

That’s it, now hit publish and wait for Facebook to approve your ad. Always make sure that your facebook ad is adhering to the facebook guidelines

You can follow this link to understand better about the ads policy. https://business.facebook.com/policies/ads

We also provide service to those who are struggling with running a successful Facebook ads campaign. Hire us to create a Facebook ads campaign or auditing facebook ads

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